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Chinese Pollution

No, this has nothing to do with some new Guns n’ Roses album…though the quality of the last one was scattershot enough that it might qualify as a pollutant of some sort…

Lots of major companies and industries are shifting their base of production from the West to the East, namely China. The reasons are many.

They can pay virtual slave labour over there peanuts (perhaps literally) and don’t have to worry about those pesky ‘safety’ requirements so long as the Chinese government is getting a healthy portion of the profit pie. They can then ship a bunch of lead-infected crap back to us, where we’ll buy it for next to nothing, all the while funding the companies undermining the economies from our own countries as we help subsidize these corporations shifting more jobs over there (and their ‘supposed ‘headquarters’ in to tax shelters in other countries).

One of the other pesky little regulations that the Chinese don’t exactly have going on is pollution standards. They pretty much don’t give a fuck, just keep the gravy train rolling in to the station on time.

Anyway, they’re typically able to clamp down on any sort of real information about a lot of the issues within their borders coming out, including the truth about the pollution situation. Sometimes things slip through. Good.

Welcome to some photographic evidence of the cluster fuck going on in China. I’m sure they’re just LOVING the fact that all of us over here can’t get enough of those 3 dollar plastic shoes at Wal Mart. Pretty horrifying stuff. Sewage pipes flowing directly in to rivers and the ocean. So much shit being shot in to the air that villagers wear hoods all the time to keep it from falling all over their skin. Chemical wastewater pouring straight in to the Yangtze. Massive festering sores. Cancer rates through the roof. Children with obscenely malformed limbs.

We’re losing jobs by the thousands. They’re losing lives by the thousands. How exactly are we all supposedly benefiting from this shit again? Aaaah, free trade and globalization…what a wonder.

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